Angkor Wat and the Angkor temples

DSCN2966.JPG (209099 byte)
Angkor Wat

DSCN2962.JPG (242023 byte)
Inside Angkor Wat

DSCN3048.JPG (244672 byte)
The Bayon temple – central Angkor Thom

DSCN3015.JPG (165141 byte)
Giant stone face – Bayon

DSCN3041.JPG (246238 byte)
The Bayon Temple

DSCN3044.JPG (262842 byte)
Angkor Archaeological Park – in the jungle near the Bayon temple

DSCN3055.JPG (281014 byte)
The Ta Prohm Temple

DSCN3064.JPG (304513 byte)
Ta Prohm ruin overgrowth by jungle tree

DSCN3092.JPG (298918 byte)
The Banteay Srey Temple

DSCN3082.JPG (265570 byte)
Carving Banteay Srey

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